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New Discover Your Ancestors Periodical

The August 2017 edition of Discover Your Ancestors online periodical is available now and features some great articles this month.

With regular News, Events, Books and Classifieds this month also looks at Ipswich in its Regional feature.

This month’s crop of articles are as follows:

‘Put it in the diary’: Ruth A Symes looks at what our ancestors’ appointment diaries can reveal

What’s in a name?: Denise Bates explores the trends and traditions of Victorian forenames

Changing names: Nick Thorne unravels a family of name changes and finds a black sheep exiled for his crime

Here is the news: Margaret Powling surveys the history of newspapers, and remembers her own family’s role in the trade

Woodcuts and witches: Jon Crabb explores how developments in publishing influenced the early modern fixation with witches

History in the details: Jayne Shrimpton on underwear

Regulars: News / Events / Region: Ipswich / Books / Classifieds

You can get this month’s edition from:


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