Your Family Tree Explained

I came across the following helpful explanation of the relationships that occur in our family tree. For the less experienced genealogists, it’s a quick helpful guide into knowing who is related to whom in your family tree, particularly invaluable as your family tree grows in size as you develop your research.

The You Tube channel provided by CGP Grey offers a number of explanations on all sorts of questions. The video below explains the links in our family history and how to summarise your family tree.

Offer of the week from S&N Genealogy

If you’re looking for some new genealogy family tree building software and would like to save some money, S&N Genealogy Supplies have a special offer this week on RootsMagic Version 6.

RootsMagic has become one of the UK’s most favoured genealogy packages. This software creates superb wallcharts and integrates with research sites. It is the top rated program in numerous reviews and articles which emphasise RootsMagic’s ease of use and powerful features. Version 6 is the latest edition of this award-winning full-featured genealogy program published by S&N. This great package is authored by Bruce Buzbee, the author of Family Origins.

Save £10 on RootsMagic Version 6 Platinum. It’s now available from S&N at the low price of £39.95. More details can be found on the S&N website.

RootsMagic 6 Platinum
RootsMagic Version 6 Platinum now on offer at S&N Genealogy

Who Do You Think You Are? continues tonight with Brian Blessed

The second episode of the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? continues tonight with actor and director, Brian Blessed. Brian was born in Mexborough, Yorkshire, the son of a socialist miner.

However, the programme traces his roots back to Jabez Blessed in the early 1800s. Born in London and orphaned at an early age, then separated from his siblings, Jabez earns money begging and performing acrobatic tricks around Covent Garden. He appears to have a confident and determined personality as he works his way up to become a fairly successful glass and china salesman.

There’s more details and a preview of the programme on TheGenealogist website.

It promises to be another interesting episode, looking at the ups and downs of a Victorian family. The programme is on tonight on BBC1 at 9pm. Will you be watching?

Brian Blessed
Brian Blessed features tonight on Who Do You Think You Are?


Unique Military Medal Records released by TheGenealogist

Over 117,000 ‘Military Medals’ were awarded in the First World War for ‘acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire’. These records are now available to view online complete with an image of the actual Medal Card and a link to the official government publication of the time. It’s a unique, comprehensive set of records available only

The Military Medal was the equivalent to the Military Cross (MC) which was awarded to commissioned officers. The Military Medal ranked below the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), which was also awarded to non-commissioned members of the Army but was still a very prestigious award to be honoured with.

The Military Medal was awarded to ‘Non Commissioned Officers and Other  Ranks’ for showing exceptional courage in battle. It was also awarded for those that risked their lives trying to save others, often in extreme danger. The Medal Records on TheGenealogist show people from a wide range of backgrounds and social classes, including a number of young women from very privileged families who chose to drive ambulances and rescue the wounded in the mud of battle.

The role of ‘stretcher bearer’ was one of the most dangerous jobs of the time and the records show many women bridged social constraints of the time to risk life and limb to help rescue and bring in soldiers wounded in battle.

If you’d like to find out more, TheGenealogist has full details of the new medal record release including some fascinating case studies on the brave recipients of the Military Medal.

Find out more at TheGenealogist Military Medal Collection.

Military Medal Winners
New record release from TheGenealogist covers the 117,000 winners of the Military Medal

New series of Who Do You Think You Are? now underway..

What did you think of the first episode of the new series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ featuring Julie Walters last night? With the series celebrating its tenth anniversary, the first episode got off to a strong start with a look at the Irish ancestors of Julie Walters and their struggles to get fairer rents and conditions for Irish tenant farmers, as part of the Irish National Land League, in what was known at the time as the ‘Land War’.  If you’d like to read a bit more, has put together a special feature looking further at Julie’s ancestry.

To view the special feature, visit TheGenealogist website. Hopefully the rest of the series will be just as good!

Julie Walters on Who Do You Think You Are?
A great first episode of the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Julie Walters

The Midlands Family History Fair

This Saturday the 9th August, it’s the Midlands Family History Fair at Worcester Warriors Rugby Club. The Fair is open from 10am to 4pm and entrance is only £3 per person. As well as numerous stalls to browse, there’s a number of free talks in the Hindlip Suite including the popular ‘Breaking Down Brick Walls in your Family History Research’ from Mark Bayley of TheGenealogist and a talk on the Women’s Voluntary Aid Detachments in World War 1 from Paul Handford and also the Secret Army- British Resistance Organisations 1938-45 from Malcolm Atkin.

There’s a special offer on TheGenealogist and free goodie bags for the first 100 visitors to the TheGenealogist stand as show sponsor.

It promises to be a great fair. Will you be going?

Midlands Family History Fair
This weekend sees the Midlands Family History Fair

Who Do You Think You Are? celebrates ten years with a special look back

The ever-popular genealogy show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ which embarks upon its 10th series tomorrow night, has a special show tonight on BBC1 looking back at the high points from past series.

In this special one-off show, the outstanding moments from the previous series are shown again, featuring the likes of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Paxman, showing humour and tragedy and even moments where celebrities find links to royalty.

The series has produced so many remarkable moments, showing the surprises and shocks that can be discovered in the quest to find out more about your ancestors. The one-off special is on BBC1 tonight at 10.35pm. Will you be watching tonight?

Who Do You Think You Are? special
Who Do You Think You Are? special celebrating 10 years is on BBC1 tonight at 10.35pm


New Chief Executive at The National Archives

The National Archives has this week announced their new Chief Executive, Jeff James, has now started his new role.

His official title is ‘Chief Executive and Keeper’ and his previous experience at The National Archives will no doubt be invaluable in his new role. He has previously been Director of Operations and Services at The National Archives, involved in a variety of tasks from managing customer relations to the development and delivery of public services.

More details on the appointment of Jeff James can be found on The National Archives website. 

The National Archives
New Chief Executive at The National Archives


Date of first Who Do You Think You Are? Show announced

The first programme date and time has been announced for the new series of Who Do You Think You Are?

The first show features Julie Walters and will be screened on Thursday 7 August from 9pm to 10pm. Julie’s roots take her back to County Mayo, Western Ireland ,where her great grandfather Anthony Clarke was one of the very first members of the Land League-  a revolutionary organisation formed in 1879, which campaigned for more than 40 years for impoverished tenant farmers to have the rights to own their own land.

Julie Walters on Who Do You Think You Are?
Julie Walters is first to appear on Who Do You Think You Are?

Latest special offer from S&N Genealogy

This weekend’s special offer from S&N Genealogy Supplies is 3 fold out charts (worth nearly £6) for free with every Window Springback Binder purchase. So why not get organised and show off your research at the same time?

More details can be found on the S&N Genealogy website 

Springback binder and chart offer
Springback binder and chart offer from S&N Genealogy