Bringing those forgotten pictures back to life

As someone with a large collection of slides and negatives gathered over the years, I took the decision to invest in a ‘Slide and Negative Scanner’ a few months back. It was well worth it.

Slides and negatives can be difficult to view and are often passed down from one generation to the next. With modern technology they can often be forgotten and just left in a cupboard.

This is where the Slide and Negative Scanner comes into its own. No longer do you have to set up bulky slide projectors to view those old images. The Slide and Negative Scanners are light and easy to use, you can view your slides or negatives quickly and easily and then store the images on a memory card and transfer the images  to your computer by a USB lead.

Available in a 14 Megapixel or the lower specification standard 5 Megapixel version, no family historian should be without one. I’ve been really impressed with mine. Do you have one? We’d be interested in your views on how the scanners have helped you view your slide collection.

If you’re thinking of a Christmas present, or would like to treat yourself, there’s a new range of scanners available from S&N Genealogy Supplies. There’s more details here at

Slide Negative and Film scanner
Ideal for bringing those forgotten pictures back to life!

3 thoughts on “Bringing those forgotten pictures back to life

  1. The scanners come in a variety of sizes but they’re all generally nice , light and portable to carry around. To give you an example the 14 megapixel scanner I have is around 17cm x 10cm or 6.5″ x 4″ and easy to carry.

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