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TreeView 2 Released!

  Leading family history publisher S&N Genealogy Supplies have just released TreeView 2, the next version of their popular family history software package specially designed for U.K. family historians.


TreeView stores your family tree on your PC or Mac with the option to easily sync your tree with TreeView.co.uk and its free iOS and Android app, allowing you to keep your family history at your fingertips. Privacy options for your online tree allow you to retain complete control over your research. TreeView has many powerful features including: ● Sync your tree between the software and all of your mobile devices. ● Display your tree in a variety of different ways including pedigree, family, ancestors, descendants, hourglass, fan and even a full tree view. ● Create beautiful charts and detailed reports in seconds. ● Attach facts, notes, images, addresses, sources and citations to your ancestors. ● View your entire tree on screen, or zoom in to a single ancestor. ● Quickly discover how people in your tree are related using the relationship calculator. ● Identify anomalies in your data with the problem finder. ● Map out your ancestors lives with map view. ● Import or export your family tree using the GEDCOM standard.


Powerful New Features in Version 2 ● Linked charting ● Click to focus ● Extra charting features ● 5 new customisable reports types ● Enhanced individual report ● Drag and drop mapping ● Improved search The new linked charting feature is a great time saver - when you reopen a chart you will be given the option to update it to include any new changes that you have made, such as date or place changes to events. Whilst using the Tree Views you can click to focus on any person to shift the emphasis on the tree displayed. The person chosen will then become the main focal point of the page. As well as customising the types of charts, text size, background colours and images, extra charting features have been added so you can now customise the font and colour of the text, along with the colour of the boxes, borders and connections. Adding to the original report facilities (Individual, Family & Narrative reports), TreeView now comes with a range of new customisable report types, including Address List, Birthday/Anniversary List, Missing Information Report, Descendant Report, printer-friendly Pedigree Chart and a handy blank Pedigree Chart to fill in when out and about researching. All of these reports can be exported in PDF or RTF formats. The individual report (Which outputs all the details about a person) now supports multiple individuals, so you can select one person and add ancestors, descendants, both or even select your own list of people to include. The new drag and drop mapping feature allows you to pinpoint an exact place on a map where an event occurred. Co-ordinates for the places you tag are saved and can be exported in GEDCOM files. The improved search enables you to look for common attributes among your ancestors. You can now search your entire database using keywords, for example “Baker” would find the word in a name, fact, note, etc. TreeView 2 is a powerful and easy to use family tree program. You can sync to the cloud and your mobile devices. TreeView’s privacy options allow you to keep full control of your data when storing your tree in the cloud.


TreeView 2 Premium Edition (£39.95) - Includes: ○ Full TreeView 2 program ○ Quick Start Guide ○ 4 Month Diamond Subscription to TheGenealogist.co.uk (Worth £59.95!) ○ Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain & Ireland 1893 (Worth £16.95!) ○ Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography (Worth £16.95!) ○ English, Welsh & Scottish Landowners 1873 (Worth £36.90!) ○ Irish Landowners 1876 (Worth £12.95!) Upgrade to TreeView 2 today for only £14.95 Go to TreeView.co.uk to find out more.
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Save £14.95 when you buy RootsMagic UK Version 7 Platinum Edition & Getting the Most out of RootsMag

Here is a timely Special Offer! Take a look here before it is too late! http://genealogysupplies.com/offer-of-the-week/
Save £14.95 when you buy RootsMagic UK Version 7 Platinum Edition & Getting the Most out of RootsMagic 7 Book - only £49.95!
RootsMagic has become one of the UK's most favoured genealogy packages. This software is comprehensive yet easy to use, and creates superb wallcharts and integrates with research sites. It is the top rated program in numerous reviews and articles which emphasise RootsMagic's ease of use and powerful features. Version 7 is the latest edition of this award-winning full-featured genealogy program published by S&N. This great package is authored by Bruce Buzbee, the author of Family Origins.

UK Platinum Edition - with over £105 worth of online data and CDs

S&N's most popular package, the UK Platinum Edition includes:
  • RootsMagic 7 UK Edition software
  • 3 Month Online subscription to the award winning website www.TheGenealogist.co.uk, providing access to BMDs, Census 1841 - 1901, Military Rolls of Honour, Directories, Parish Records, Wills, Land Owner Records, and more.
  • Bartholomew's 1898 Atlas of England and Wales, a complete series of topographical maps, statistical charts, town plans, and index of 35,000 place names. This atlas also contains street maps showing places no longer in existence through development or bombing in WWII.
  • Printed Quick Start manual
  • UK spellcheck dictionary
  • Movie Tour of RootsMagic
  • Index to Change of Names 1760 - 1901 UK and Ireland
  • General Armory of England, Scotland and Ireland 1894 (Encyclopedia of Heraldry)
  • English and Welsh Landowners 1873
  • Scottish Landowners 1872–1873
  • Irish Landowners

Getting the Most out of RootsMagic Book

RootsMagic is the easiest genealogy software available, yet many people will barely touch the tip of the iceberg of RootsMagic's features. If you are one of these people, then this book is for you. You start with basic data entry and continue by learning advanced techniques such as custom reports, citing sources, GEDCOM, creating user-defined facts, scanning images, and merging. Mix that with time-saving shortcuts, and you soon will have a complete understanding of RootsMagic and its hidden powers. Written by the author of RootsMagic, Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic will teach you how to:
  • Create a detailed family history
  • Explore the advanced concepts and techniques
  • Properly document your entire family history for future generations
  • Publish your family history
  • Add photos to bring your family history to life
  • Use shortcuts to speed-up data entry
  • Create customised wall charts
  • Organise your unfinished research using RootsMagic
  • Share your family history on the World Wide Web
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An ideal Christmas present for the family historian

As we enter the month of December, here's a Christmas gift suggestion for a fellow family historian or even a seasonal treat for yourself! The full range of 2014 Family Tree Maker software available is now available in stock to purchase from S&N Genealogy Supplies. What's New in Family Tree Maker 2014?
  • Improved TreeSync — lets you easily synchronize your tree in Family Tree Maker with an online Ancestry.com tree.
  • More organizational tools — stay organized with new tools that let you sort children automatically by birth order and view people by location, grouping them by country, state, county, and city.
  • New and improved charts and reports — more options and views let you display an individual’s ancestors, spouses, and children together. Also, the Index of Individuals Report has been expanded with options for anniversary, birthday, and contact lists, and more.
  • New tree branch export — a new export option makes it much simpler to export a single branch of your tree.
  • More editing options — save time with the ability to copy and paste facts including related source citations, media items, and notes.
To find out more and to order your copy go to http://www.genealogysupplies.com/familytreemaker

Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker 2014, an ideal Christmas gift

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New Email News available from S&N Genealogy Supplies

The latest email newsletter from S&N Genealogy Supplies is now available to download and view. With details on the new release of Family Tree Maker 2014 and a special offer of free sleeves if you buy two binders, it's well worth a read. There's also information on the forthcoming family history fairs at Glamorgan and Surrey and the brand new event 'Echoes of the Past' in Lincolnshire at the end of the month. With details on the latest record releases on TheGenealogist and some interesting family history articles, it's a packed issue this month! To see the newsletter go to http://www.genealogysupplies.com/email_news.htm#article

Family Tree Maker

Details on the new release of Family Tree Maker 2014 in the S&N Email News

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Family Tree Maker 2014 now available to pre-order

For those family historians who like to keep up with the latest updates and developments in family tree software, there will be some interest and no doubt anticipation with the forthcoming release of Family Tree Maker 2014. The new Family Tree Maker apparently makes it easier than ever to discover your family story, preserve your legacy and share your unique heritage. The new features includes a new 'Family View', improved TreeSync, new and improved charts and reports, a new tree branch export and more. It certainly looks like some good improvements and should please those users who currently use Family Tree Maker as their preferred choice of software. You can 'pre-order' a new copy or an upgrade at S&N Genealogy Supplies at http://www.genealogysupplies.com/family-tree-maker-2014/ Let us know what you think when you start using the new software.

Family Tree Maker

New Family Tree Maker 2014 available to pre-order

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