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Another interesting episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Last night's episode featuring Gary Lineker focused on just 2 main characters- Thomas Billingham and James Pratt and their paths through life which went in very different directions. Whilst Tom received a 'lucky break' from his gardener father's wealthy employer, who paid for his education, James Pratt struggled throughout his life with no real change in his luck. With a big family to feed and employment very difficult to find, James had to turn to poaching to put food on the table. The programme really highlighted the struggles of life in Victorian England and also the opportunities (particularly in London) that could open up if you had that bit of help! What did you think of the programme?

Gary Lineker, Who Do You Think You Are?

Another good episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

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Gary Lineker featured next on Who Do You Think You Are?

The current series of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' on BBC1 has been a fascinating one so far. For those family historians interested in their sport, tonight's celebrity is former England footballer and now popular TV presenter, Gary Lineker. A Leicester boy, born and bred, the majority of his roots are from that area. Gary knows very little about his family history apparently, so it's a major voyage of discovery for him. The previews to the programme feature on two of Gary's distant ancestors who had very different lives. Both came from poor backgrounds but a lucky break happened to one to get him into a respectable profession but definitely didn't happen to the other ancestor! It promises to be another great programme looking at the family of one of England's most famous recent iconic heroes. Will you be watching? TheGenealogist.co.uk has looked into Gary's family history. If you'd like to know more in advance of the programme visit http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/featuredarticles/wdytya2013_lineker.php

Gary Lineker family history

Gary Lineker featuring on tonight's Who Do You Think You Are?

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Latest S&N E-Mail Newsletter now available

The latest e-newsletter is now available to download from S&N Genealogy. Featuring their new range of archival pens and the brand new CD 'The East Anglian' covering the years from 1858 to 1904, the newsletter contains some great family history news and products for the family historian. There's also a money saving offer on RootsMagic Version 6 and a feature on the current series of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' as well as other special offers. To see the e-newsletter go to http://www.genealogysupplies.com/email_news.htm

The East Anglian CD

Newly released from S&N Genealogy 'The East Anglian' CD

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New records available on TheGenealogist

TheGenealogist has just released over 90,000 criminal records which cover indictable offences in England and Wales between 1782 and 1892. The records also uniquely cover prisoners 'pardoned' and those classed as 'criminal lunatics'. This creates a significant collection of Transportation and Convict records of nearly 500,000 records. It's a useful resource if you had an ancestor who fell foul of the law and paid the consequences! There's more details available at http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/news.php#latest

Criminal Records

New criminal records released by TheGenealogist.co.uk

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New 'Problem Alerts' feature on RootsMagic

For those family historians that use the excellent RootsMagic software, you'll appreciate that such is the amount of features and help available within the software, it's easy to miss something or not be aware of that useful feature or nugget of information that can really make a difference to your family research. One such feature is that of 'Problem Alerts', the feature that scans everyone in your file to try and find any potential data entry errors (people born before their parents, etc) for everyone in your file. Since making people more aware of this, the new 'Problem Alerts' feature has proved very popular! Here's more information and a  short video from the RootsMagic blog that shows you how RootsMagic's Problem Alerts can help you to find potential errors in your data. Have you used the new feature and what did you think?

RootsMagic Problem Alerts

Problem Alerts- useful feature from RootsMagic

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New changes at Your Family History magazine

Latest news from Your Family History magazine is that the current August issue will be the last one under the title of 'Your Family History' and with its current editorial staff. The magazine from September will be known as 'Discover Your History', the name the magazine currently uses for its overseas edition. The magazine has always been a high quality production and we are sure this will continue with the magazine re-brand and the new editors at the helm. We await the September issue with anticipation!

Your Family History

Your Family History now changing its name to Discover Your History

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Another fascinating episode..

The episode featuring Lesley Sharp this week on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' was certainly different but none the less just as interesting for family historians. Looking at the issue of adoption firstly (as Lesley was adopted at just 6 weeks old) and then as Lesley delved deeper into her paternal side, looking at the early fostering of children around 1900 as part of the Barnardo's scheme to help children in poverty, it was a very emotional programme. The series has been excellent so far and hopefully the remainder of the series will be just as good! If you'd like to read a bit more about Lesley and her family, including the tale of fostering young George Maybury before he was sent to Canada, there's more details at TheGenealogist website.

George Maybury

George Maybury, fostered by Lesley's great great grandfather, Charles Patient

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Next episode of Who Do You Think You Are? features Lesley Sharp

Episode 4 of Who Do You Think You Are? continues tonight on BBC1 at 9pm with actress Lesley Sharp. Widely acclaimed star of films such as The Full Monty, Vera Drake and the Scott and Bailey TV Series, she has played many varied roles. Adopted at just six weeks old, the show promises to discover the family of her birth father whom she knew so little about. As well as Lesley's own adoption, the programme also covers her great great grandfather and his work taking in Barnardo's children. Although not a wealthy man, he looked after a number of children before they were shipped to Canada to work as farm hands and provide much needed labour for Canadian farmers. It promises to be an other fascinating episode in an excellent series so far. Will you be watching? TheGenealogist has taken a look into Lesley’s family history, if you’d like a preview before the show tonight, go to http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/featuredarticles/wdytya2013_sharp.php

Lesley Sharp

Lesley Sharp, featuring on Who Do You Think You Are?

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Who Do You Think You Are? continues with another fascinating episode

After watching the third episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC1 last night, I feel the series so far has been excellent and the intriguing family history story of Minnie Driver and her ancestors did not disappoint. Last night's episode had family scandal with love affairs and illegitimate births, brave war hero exploits and the psychological scars of war and the discovery of relatives (both living and dead) she had previously not known ever existed. A very interesting discovery of family history!

Ronnie Driver

Ronnie Driver pictured with his mother Jessie after returning home a war hero

What did you think? Let us know! The next episode features the actress Lesley Sharp who also has a very interesting ancestral history by all accounts!

Minnie and Ronnie Driver

Minnie featured with her late father Ronnie Driver and son Henry

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Hollywood actress with a very mysterious past...

The excellent series of 'Who Do You Think You Are? continues on BBC1 tonight, featuring Hollywood actress and singer songwriter, Minnie Driver. Born Amelia Fiona Driver in 1970, Minnie has had a successful film and TV career, appearing in a number of roles. Her family history also maps out like a script from a film with a number of unexpected events! Her father and grandfather both led double lives and her father also became a reluctant war hero after his exploits at the Battle of Heligoland Bight in 1939. It promises to be a very interesting programme. TheGenealogist has done some initial research into Minnie's family history, so if you'd like a snapshot before the show please visit their website.

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver features tonight on BBC Who Do You Think You Are?

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