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1910s Northamptonshire Property Records and Maps Launched Online


Over 170,000 searchable property records have been released


TheGenealogist has just added to its ever-growing Landowner and Occupier records with the release of more than 170,000 individual heads of households and property owners in Northamptonshire.


Covering 345 parishes that were surveyed in the years between 1910-1915 for the Inland Revenue Valuation Office, these records are a fantastic tool for family, house or social historians to use.


The project has seen years of collaboration between The National Archives and TheGenealogist in conserving and digitising these records. Comprising the IR 58 Field Books and accompanying IR 121 to IR 135 Ordnance Survey maps, they join the millions of records in TheGenealogist’s powerful research tool, Map Explorer™.


TheGenealogist now has over 2.4 Million records from The Lloyd George Domesday Survey. The coverage is rapidly expanding and currently includes all the boroughs of Greater London plus Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, and Middlesex, as well as the newly added parishes from Northamptonshire*.


[IR126 OS map of Northampton as used for the Lloyd George Domesday Survey, transitioning to a modern-day satellite image in Map Explorer™]


      Uncover individual properties with precision on the highly detailed 1910-1915 maps of the Lloyd George Domesday Survey, zoomable to the exact plot or building

      Discover information about ancestral homes from surveyors' field books, often unveiling details like the size and number of rooms

      Explore the surroundings of your ancestors by examining maps that reveal features of the neighbourhood they lived in

      Utilise TheGenealogist's Master Search or click on pins in the powerful Map Explorer™ for a seamless search experience

      Map Explorer™ allows you to see the transformation of areas over time by overlaying historic maps onto modern street maps, providing a unique perspective on changes

      Stay tuned as the project expands, covering the entirety of England & Wales


Visit thegenealogist.co.uk/1910Survey for more information.


Read TheGenealogist’s article in which these records were used to find the property of a notable Northamptonian



Save Over 55%


To celebrate this latest release of the Lloyd George Domesday Records, TheGenealogist is offering readers of Newsletters, blogs, etc. a superb Christmas Offer! You can claim their £222 Diamond package for just £98.95, a Saving of Over 55%


This offer comes with a Lifetime Discount, meaning you’ll pay the same discounted price every time your subscription renews.


To find out more and claim the offer, visit: https://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/MGBLGD1223





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Online Workshop - The Maternal Line


The Society of Genealogist is holding an online workshop called:

The Maternal Line with Janet Few.

An opportunity to look at your maternal line in a new way, with suggestions for discovering and considering the females in your family tree. The workshop will encourage you to recall and record information about your direct female line (your mother, her mother and so on) and set the lives of these female ancestors in the context of the social history of their time.


Wednesday, 6 December 2023 19:30-21:00

For more information go to: https://members.sog.org.uk/events

About the speaker: Dr. Janet Few is an experienced family, social and community historian who has presented throughout the UK, overseas and at sea. She has written several books of interest to genealogists and contributes to local and family history journals. She also writes historical fiction. Working as an historical interpreter, Janet spends time living in the seventeenth century as her alter ego, Mistress Agnes. You can read her very interesting blog, ‘the history interpreter’ online. Janet manages Swords and Spindles, a company providing living history presentations. Janet is currently serving as the President of the Family History Federation. She is heavily involved in the work of family history societies and was awarded the Society of Genealogists' Certificate of Recognition in 2020 for her work. 

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