The March issue of Discover Your Ancestors Periodical is  now available.

This month this genealogical magazine features articles on:

Lost and found: Sharon Brookshaw explores the history of child abandonment and the rise of foundling institutions
The Marine boys (and girls): Nell Darby on the history of a unique society which helps poor children find work at sea
Plotting the past: Tithe maps are coming online
A nation of gardeners: Margaret Powling digs into the history of gardening as a popular pastime
The First Fleeters: Laura Berry follows the experiences of people in the first penal colony to be founded in Australia
Before the trains came: Horse-drawn transport in Leeds
The great survey: Jill Morris delves into Griffith’s Valuation
History in the details: Jayne Shrimpton on wellies
Regulars: News + events / Books / Place in focus: Devon / Classifieds

Subscribers get this high quality monthly digital magazine delivered to their own personalised online account every month. The beautifully designed 30+ page online magazine is packed full of stories, case studies, social history articles and research advice. This regular and affordable service is a must have for anyone starting out in family history research, or for those with more experience but who have reached brick walls.

Visit their website now to pick up your copy today:

Discover Your Ancestors March

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