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A Few Forgotten Women

New website for family, social historians and those interested in women's history has been launched online at: A Few Forgotten Women

The creators of the A Few Forgotten Women Project are a group of friends, known collectively as A Few Good Women. On their new website they say they are united by their friendship, love of different aspects of family and local history and a passion for preserving the past.


A Few Forgotten Women


The aim of their project, acording to the welcome they have written on their website, is "to preserve the memory of some women who have, until now, been hiding in the shadows, forgotten by history. The women that you will meet here are those that we have discovered during our investigations into our own ancestry, as part of a one-name study, a one-place study, or when undertaking a wider project. Then there are the women that had no link to our own work but who cried out to us as we researched in the documents of the past. We hope that you will want to learn about the women whose stories we share."




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