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Discover Your Ancestors Periodical online magazine


If you like family or social history then this online publication will be right up your street!

In the March 2023 issue of the Discover Your Ancestors Periodical you can read the following great articles:


Meet the court leet: Archivist Rachel Bates reveals how court leet records can provide a fascinating window into early modern society, as well as aid family history research

Discovering Rugby, Tennessee: Helen Baggott tells the story of a utopian community which didn’t quite work as planned, but has left an interesting legacy for today

Shocking times: Nick Thorne traces historical records for Hertha Ayrton, a pioneering British engineer and scientist overlooked because of her gender

The madness of Ilda Orme: How do you finish writing a biography when you don’t know how the subject’s life ended? Follow Nell Darby on a fascinating and frustrating quest

The father of self-help: Lorraine Schofield tells the story of Samuel Smiles

History in the details: Materials – rubber

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  • Free ebook: Kelly's 1931 Directory of Bromley; including Bickley, Chislehurst, Orpington and District



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