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Files from 1983 released to The National Archives

Latest news from The National Archives features the release of hundreds of UK government files from the year 1983, to the TNA, as the government begins the ten year transition to a '20 year rule', down from the previous 30 years, for transfer and release of files and information. The National Archives website states that two years' worth of government records will be released every year until 2022 and files from 1984 will be released by December.  The latest files detail the end of Mrs Thatcher's first term in office as victory in the Falklands War helped propel her to a second successive election triumph in June 1983. There are files on the US-led invasion of Grenada which was one of a number of foreign policy challenges that year. There was also the arrival of American cruise missiles in Greenham Common amid a general deterioration in East-West relations. There's more information available from The National Archives website.

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