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Jerry Hall traces her ancestors from Blackburn to Texas

Model and former wife of Sir Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall is a Texan who moved to Europe in her teens. Her father’s family, however, emigrated to the USA from Lancashire in the 1880s. Jerry’s mother’s side were from pioneering roots, trailing west across America at the time of the Frontier. Hall's investigations into her family history take her all over the USA as she traces the movements of her pioneer ancestors, who at various times owned large chunks of farmland, often fighting native Americans in order to hang on to their newly acquired property. "I can't believe such important information was lost all these years!" she gasps. Read a full article here...and find out more about Jerry Hall's ancestors.



Renee Nunn

13th December 2020 at 17:05

I was fortunate to catch the program on BBC (not the USA version) of "Who do you think you are" for Jerry Hall. For a Texan, it was beyond impressive in that she is essentially Lone Star royalty.


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