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New Book: Ashbrooke Boys by Keith Gregson

'Keith Gregson’s First World War book on Sunderland Cricket and (Rugby) Football Club is now available online - just go to his web site http://www.keithgregson.com/ and link to the 'Ashbrooke Boys' page.

This online book covering the wartime careers of over 260 members of the club who were in the services during the war can now be downloaded from the  site below. The book is almost 200 pages long with over 250 case studies, analysis and illustrations.

The studies which might prove most appealing are (SCFC/FWW) nos 8, 31, 54, 105, 113, 130, 149, 192, 208, 218 and 232. Keith made extensive use of TheGenealogist web site in his researches for this work'.

Keith has said that he would be really grateful if people could share this link with anybody who might be interested.


The Author: Keith Gregson

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