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New Family History comedy starts...

A number of genealogy bloggers have picked up on the new comedy series from Christopher Guest, entitled 'Family Tree' which started  yesterday on HBO in the US and is rumoured to air on BBC 2 in the UK in the near future.

Family Tree TV programme

Chris O'Dowd in Family Tree (HBO)

It stars Chris O'Dowd (pictured) who sets out to uncover his family lineage after being left a box of objects from a great aunt. Four of the eight parts are set in the UK, the other four are set in the US, giving the programme an international feel. There appears to be no definite date when it will screen on the BBC and we will await with interest. With Chris O'Dowd starring, it looks like proving a humourous take on family history research which may attract the attention of a younger audience and hopefully interest them enough to look into their family history!

Family Tree programme

Family Tree has now started on HBO in the U.S.

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