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New major record release from TheGenealogist

Latest news from TheGenealogist is the release of over one million Apprentice and Master records. It's a useful set of records if you had an ancestor who went through training to become a skilled worker, as many people did. This is the largest searchable collection of apprentice records available online, allowing you to view how your ancestors developed their skills and also if they became a master in their profession. The new addition of apprenticeship records on TheGenealogist now makes over two million searchable records available to view including the apprentices from the census. These can both be searched together by using the keyword “apprentice” in TheGenealogist’s Master Search. The site helps you find detailed records relating to the occupation of your ancestor. This is the first time you can find apprentices from a whole range of records between 1710 and 1911. The detailed records in IR1 cover the years from 1710 to 1811 giving name, addresses and trades of the masters, the names of the apprentices, along with the sum the master received and the term of the apprenticeship. Until 1752, it was also common to see the names of the apprentices’ parents on the record (often including their occupations). The new records are available to Diamond subscribers in the Master Search and under the ‘Occupation Records’ section. For more information go to http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/featuredarticles/aug13_apprentices.php


New apprenticeship records now available on TheGenealogist


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