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The Family History Show York is back on 22nd June 2024

Join us in York next week for an exciting day of ancestral discovery! 


Explore a diverse array of genealogical exhibitors and family history societies from across the country when they gather in The Knavesmire Exhibition Centre, York Racecourse. You’ll also be able to catch free talks on the day and consult with family history experts all in one place.


Enjoy the convenience of ample parking and refreshments available throughout the event. This is a must-attend gathering for all family history enthusiasts. 


Delve into your heritage and uncover the mysteries of your past family. Get your tickets now and take advantage of our 2 for 1 ticket offer!


The Family History Show – York



Make a Day of it

Book a session with an expert and listen to a talk in the morning, then have lunch in our restaurant area before finishing the day by exploring the stands, chat with exhibitors and societies, plus catch another talk before you go.

The Family History Show York features:

  • Free talks held throughout the day in two large lecture areas
  • Book a free personal 1-2-1 session with an expert
  • Free goody bag on entry worth over £7.99
  • Free Parking and Local Train Station
  • All Day Refreshments
  • Wheelchair Friendly Venue

2 For 1 Ticket Offer

Get your tickets now and save! Get two tickets for £12 (£12 each on the day) and you’ll also get a goody bag on entry worth over £7.99


Save 50% by getting two tickets for £12 for the York show here: https://thefamilyhistoryshow.com/york/tickets/




Talks you can look forward to at the York show include:


10:30 Breaking Down Brick Walls

Mark Bayley - Online Genealogy Expert

How to resolve stumbling blocks in your family history research using new and unique search strategies to find those missing relatives. Techniques he will cover will include searching for a family using just the individuals’ forenames, keyword search tools (using criteria other than a name to search on) and other advanced search techniques. The talk also covers unique data sets such as Non-Conformist records, Non-Parochial records, Fleet marriages, Will images, Parish Records, Military Records, Directories, Newspapers and more.


11:30 Researching and Writing your Family History

Nick Barratt - Historian, Author and Professional Genealogist

Using a real case study, the talk explores how to research and write your family history to publication standard.


12:30 Pinpointing Your Ancestors

Mark Bayley - Online Genealogy Expert

Unleash the power of historical records and maps to reveal the art of pinpointing your ancestors. Join us for an illuminating talk that brings your family’s past to life through geographic connections.


13:30 Chasing Million Eyres - From Yorkshire to Kamchatka

Jackie Depelle - Family History Tutor and Speaker

Little do we know what awaits when starting out on the family history trail. Very often our ancestors led ordinary lives however they all have their place in history and certainly made us who we are. Occasionally though we find something really unexpected about our families or our research touches on the lives of those who moved in very different social circles. This is exactly what happens in this case study where an accidental discovery becomes a vortex of amazing coincidences and almost a parallel family history universe.


14:30 Genealogy Hints and Tips

Keith Gregson - Professional Researcher & Social Historian

Keith shares top tips & techniques for finding elusive ancestors, illustrated by some fascinating case studies.


Talk times may be subject to change, please check the timetable at the venue on the day of the show for any changes.





2 For 1 Ticket Offer

Get two tickets for £12 for the York show here: https://thefamilyhistoryshow.com/york/tickets/ 


Find Out More at: www.TheFamilyHistoryShow.com 


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