Discover Your Ancestors online magazine for February

The latest edition of Discover Your Ancestors, the online family history magazine, is out and it makes for some  very interesting reading.

Articles this month include:

The sweet smell of history: Jayne Shrimpton sniffs out the interesting social history of perfume
A rogue in the records: Gill Hoffs on a convict who made his fortune in the goldfields of Australia, only to lose it again
The Mulberry madam: Another convict transportation story
Found in the muniments room: Melvyn Jones highlights more treasures in the archives of our great landed estates
All good sports: Keith Gregson explores what can be learned about amateur sporting ancestors in online records
Plying the waters: Waterborne trade in Somerset explored
Calling your ancestors: Jill Morris looks at old phone books
History in the details: Jayne Shrimpton on raincoats
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Discover Your Ancestors February 2015

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