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Daniel Radcliffe's Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1 9:00 Monday 22 July 2019

Can't wait to see the first episode of the much loved Who Do You Think You Are? UK series when it returns this evening!

Featuring Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe's ancestors it should be great viewing.


There is a good article we have found here but be warned, if you intend to watch the programme this contains spoilers!



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Too complex for Who Do you Think You Are? Ronnie Wood is!

While we still don't know who is in the 2019 UK series of Who Do You Think You Are? it was reported over the weekend by The Sun newspaper that one celebrity's family was just far too complex to have made it into the 16th series.

That person is Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones fame and it seems that he is descended from a huge family of gypsies, most of whom lived on canal barges. The programme researchers are not ruling out that they may be able to do something for another year, but at the moment they have been defeated getting it all into a one hour show!

The Sun says that a TV insider had told them:

“With Ronnie’s colourful relatives – who can be traced back over 300 years – there was too much to be able to work through in time for this year’s series.

“They’re still determined to see if they can bring together what they need to make a show all about the Wood clan. But if it happens it will have to be next year now.”



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