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New TreeView Mobile app now available

A recent new development in the world of family history research has been the introduction of a new family history tree builder app, compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The new 'TreeView' app, launched by TheGenealogist, allows the highly regarded TreeView online family tree builder to be viewed, updated and taken to family gatherings on a phone and tablet too. With the new app, you can access your family tree and your saved details on your mobile device, even when you don't have connection to the internet. TreeView is a very useful powerful tool, one I've used and would recommend. The app now gives you the ability to add, modify and view your family history via any mobile device. With the option of a variety of tree styles, you have everything available at your fingertips on the move! For more details and more information, please go to TheGenealogist website

TreeView mobile app

New TreeView mobile app now available

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