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August Discover Your Ancestors is out

History woz ’ere: In this month's Discover Your Ancestors Periodical Ruth Symes explores the personal touches left behind by our ancestors in the form of graffiti. You can read a FREE sample from this month's Discover Your Ancestors Periodical by clicking here: http://www.discoveryourancestors.co.uk/history-woz-ere/

Other articles in the August 2015 edition

Bad medicine: Simon Wills looks at the medicines taken by your 19th century ancestors Scanning on the go: Nick Thorne reviews a useful tool for family historians Joining the circus: Nell Darby takes to the big top with a history of the circus, its performers and those who went along Lost to the waves: Jill Morris looks at records of deaths at sea available online History in the details: Jayne Shrimpton on sandals Regulars: News & Events / Books / Place in focus: Bradford / Classifieds

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