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A useful directory resource for local research

Was your ancestor a tradesman? Or did they own a local business or were viewed as one of the pillars of local society? Chances are they are listed in one of the Kelly's Directories or to term it correctly, the Kelly's Post Office and Harrod & Co Directory. The idea of Frederic Festus Kelly, the Directories were the Victorian equivalent of the Yellow pages of modern times and as well as businesses, they included postal addresses of local gentry, landowners, charities and other facilities in a local area. The directories are an important source of local research and are increasingly available online to view. TheGenealogist has a sizable collection now available online to view and has recently added the following directories to its collection.
  • Cumberland 1929 Kelly's Directory
  • Lincolnshire 1933 Kelly's Directory
  • Dorset 1912 Kelly's Directory
  • Hampshire 1912 Kelly's Directory
  • Herefordshire 1900 Kelly's Directory
  • Shropshire 1934 Kelly's Directory
  • Somerset 1897 Kelly's Directory
  • Suffolk 1916 Kelly's Directory
  • Westmorland 1929 Kelly's Directory
  • Wiltshire 1912 Kelly's Directory
The directories are available to view to all Diamond and Gold subscribers of TheGenealogist. If your ancestor ran a local business it's well worth a look!

The Freke Family

The Freke Family outside their family butcher business




9th July 2013 at 10:39

Brilliant! I have some shop owners and publican's in my family tree so will have to have a look at these.


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