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Fascinating February edition of online Discover Your Ancestors

The Discover Your Ancestors monthly periodical has just been released for February 2021 and it has some really fascinating articles this month. From Buffalo Bill's visit to England to some interesting crime stories from the past and more inbetween! Here is what to expect inside the pages of this online magazine:
• Victoria’s transatlantic treat: Caroline Roope tells the story of when Buffalo Bill amused the queen
• Kindness everywhere: Keith Gregson discovers that concern for birds is not something new, as he tells the story of the hugely successful Dicky Bird Society
• PM, pig breeder and police pioneer: Nick Thorne traces residential records for the two times prime minister of the United Kingdom. Sir Robert Peel
• The strange case of Lucy Strange: In the midst of WW1, one woman lost both her life and her public reputation: so why didn’t Lucy Mary Strange’s family get justice? By Nell Darby
• The untold story of ‘Doctor Dick’: Will Hazell investigates the chequered career of a man who scandalised Cornwall in the late 19th century
• History in the details: Materials – wool (part 1)
Discover Your Ancestors is available now online:

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