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More research resources now available as instant downloads!

An interesting trend has been developing with more data CD's now being made available as instant downloads, giving researchers the opportunity to get hold of records quicker than ever, without having to wait for the post! S&N Genealogy Supplies have now made more unique research records available in a downloadable format as an alternative to purchasing on CD. It's an added benefit for those family historians keen to get stuck into their research as quickly as possible and who want their data instantly.

Pigots 1830 Directory

Pigots Directory available as a download

Another advantage of the instant downloads is that with no postage and packing costs, customers can receive the information at a reduced price, useful for the genealogist on a budget or looking to save money. S&N Genealogy Supplies have download prices starting from £5 so it is good value for money. The instant downloads are available as pdf document copies of the data CD. A simple click of the mouse gives you access to the records you need. From Parish Records to Kelly's Directories, Post Office Directories, Pigot's Directories, Court Guides, County Books, Barrett's Directories and much more, there's an ever increasing selection of reference material now available to download instantly. S&N Genealogy Supplies also offer download protection, customers can login to their account to 're-download' them at any time. With the ability to search quickly by county, it is possible to search for the area required and find the resource you are looking for. More details can be found at Genealogy Supplies  where you can start your search. More information can also be found by calling S&N Genealogy Supplies on 01722 716121.

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