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Prices of DNA tests slashed by TheGenealogist!

Latest news from TheGenealogist is they have significantly reduced the prices on their DNA tests. You can now buy a test for under £50! Some of the other more extensive tests offer savings of over £100 and £150 too. DNA tests make ideal Christmas presents for genealogists or even for yourself. With the reduction in price, they are definitely worth having a look at to possibly help break down that break wall or find that missing ancestral link you've been struggling with. There are three types of test offered by TheGenealogist to choose from: MtDNA - Traces your maternal (Mother's) line, this test can be taken by males and females. YDNA - Traces your paternal (Father's) Line and this test can only be taken by males (But you can ask a male relative to take it if you are female) as YDNA is only passed from father to son.  Family Finder - Ideal for genealogists, this test traces both lines and gives you information on the geographic regions your ancestors are from. This test can be taken by both males and females and can show matches within approximately 5 generations.  If you'd like to know more visit http://www.thegenealogist.co.uk/dna

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An ideal Christmas gift? DNA testing prices now reduced by TheGenealogist

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