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If you want to unearth those difficult to find ancestors and break down your brick walls, then one way to become more skilled is to read around the subject and learn where to look for your past family and how to use the records that they may be hidden within. A growing number of in-the-know family historians are turning to the online magazine: Discover Your Ancestors Periodical and this month there is so much packed inside its digital pages: Horatio’s last words: Explore Nelson’s last will and testament The Welsh at Work: Emma Jolly follows occupational migrations in and out of Wales in the 18th and 19th centuries Ancient roots: New DNA research sheds light on our origins Lost in the war, found in the records: WW1 case study The jester vs Jerry: How cartoonist Heath Robinson helped with the propaganda war against Germany in WW1 Message to the masses: Jill Morris follows the many journeys of John Wesley as he took Methodism to the people History in the details: Jayne Shrimpton on umbrellas Toughs in cuffs: Angela Buckley reveals how you can track down your criminal ancestors – assuming they were caught Regulars: news + events / Books / Place in focus: Bristol / Classifieds Even the most "respectable" families may have skeletons in the closet. Finding criminals in your family tree can be exciting and certainly add some colour so if you would like to read a full length Free Sample Article "Toughs in cuffs" taken from this month's Discover Your Ancestors Periodical head over to their website here: http://www.discoveryourancestors.co.uk/toughs-in-cuffs/

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The latest competition run by TheGenealogist is currently available to enter on Facebook. It's a 'name the place' competition and there's a 100 free 12 issue subscriptions to 'Discover Your Ancestors', the online family history periodical up for grabs. If you haven't seen Discover Your Ancestors, it's a great new online family history magazine with plenty of useful articles and handy tips for the family historian. If you'd like to have a go at winning one of the prizes, go to https://www.facebook.com/thegenealogist?ref=hl

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