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New window binders now available from S&N

As family historians we are constantly adding new records, certificates and photos to our research collection. The range available to us of archival and storage products is forever expanding too and the new addition to S&N's product range- the 'Window Springback Binder' is useful to those who like their binder covers without pre-designed lettering and the ability to add their own specific text. This binder has a hard wearing cover, and comes without any gold lettering on the front and spine. There is a window on the front cover of the binder so you can add your own text. I purchased a binder from S&N last week and I'd recommend the high quality. If you're looking for more binders for your research or to upgrade the ones you currently have, there's more details available from S&N Genealogy Supplies here.

Windowed springback  binders

New windowed springback binders available from S&N


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