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Interesting article in the August Discover Your Ancestors Magazine

Excellent articles for family and social historians to read in the Discover Your Ancestors, August 2022 issue (see https://discoveryourancestors.co.uk/):
– 'Stop me and buy one': Our love of ice-cool treats and desserts follows a tradition that spans continents and dates back millennia, as Jayne Shrimpton reveals
– Mistress of spin: Caroline Roope tells the remarkable story of pioneering cyclist – and self-promoter – Annie Londonderry
– Family maintenance: All over Britain, the Edwardian courts were busy trying to ensure that people faced up to their financial responsibilities, writes Nell Darby
– The last of the 39ers: Nick Thorne explores the story of the oldest surviving and longest serving British POW of WW2, Alfie Fripp
– Two centuries of history: Stephen Roberts discovers that Christchurch’s ‘Barrack Road’ is so named for a good reason
– History in the details: Materials – silk (part 3) by Jayne Shrimpton
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If you are looking for a high quality  family history monthly digital magazine delivered to your own online account every month then take a look at the Discover Your Ancestors Periodical. It's a beautifully designed 30+ page online magazine that is packed full of stories, case studies, social history articles and research advice. It really is a great resource for anyone starting out in family history research, or for those with more experience but who have reached brick walls. This month you can read the following informative articles: Parliament and the people: Nell Darby looks back at the people’s relationship with Parliament, that is now 750 years old. The hidden treasures of gravestones: Nick Thorne explains more about what he learned photographing and transcribing headstones. Revolutionary biscuits: A slice of Dublin history revealed. Seeking out the pros: Keith Gregson explores what can be learned about professional sporting ancestors in online records. The rise and fall of the Darfield Flier: Michael Rochford reveals an interesting story of a Victorian cyclist. Archive heaven: Melvyn Jones highlights the treasures in the archives of our great landed estates. From Company to the Raj: Jill Morris explores British India History in the details. Jayne Shrimpton: On muffs. Visit their website to pick up your copy today: http://www.discoveryourancestors.co.uk/

Discover Your Ancestors Magazine January 2015

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